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R for the Raspberry Pi

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The aim of is to provide an up-to-date version of R for the Raspberry Pi family of computers.

In addition, we provide access to pre-compiled versions of some of R's most popular packages.


R is the premier language for statistical computing and has millions of users around the world.

There's already a build available for the Raspberry Pi in the default OS repos, but it's a quite an old version.

We provide up-to-date builds of R and also take a number of the extension packages from CRAN and pre-compile them ready for use on the Pi to make installation fast and simple.

R in action

It's possible to write R code in any text editor and a number of the text editors and IDEs available for the Pi support R either straight out-of-the-box or, as in the VSCode screenshot below, with the addition of a plugin.

The screenshot above shows some of the analytical and plotting capabilities of R with code borrowed from the "palmerpenguins" package website.


Now you know what the project is all about, it's time to move on to installation.

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